Linda Marie Furiate

Linda considers herself a spiritual motivator and mentor. Her gift is to delve below the surface of the personality to bring forth a person’s best self. Through her own life story, Linda’s desire is to serve others with her message of hope, inspiration and ongoing inner strength. She can find purpose and meaning in every step or misstep.


Suddenly disabled from a car accident, barely able to sit up in a chair, dress or feed herself, Linda’s body was a twisted mess. Her small frame was fighting her from the inside out. Unable to work or care for herself in this condition presented a huge problem for this single mother and sole income provider.  


My neck muscles were in severe spasm, it felt as though I had a bag of puppies jumping around in a thousand directions. I felt possessed as if some outer force entered my being coercing my body to twist and turn and move in ways that were not humanly comfortable”.


To hear ‘there is no cure for what you have and there is nothing more the medical community can do for you’ instilled much anger in Linda, yet even greater fear about the future and her ability to survive and care for herself.


These are the moments when an instinct for survival kicks in; a time of fight or flight. For Linda this became a passage to let go of her old self and to seek the courage to accept a new sense of normal. A second life, a second chance – a do-over. Who doesn’t want that?


First task – ‘learn to sit up in chair to feed self’. And before that figure out a way to pay for food and a tiny apartment. Do overs come with a price, a lot of fear and even more self-doubt.


If I have learned anything in life is that ‘the more we hold onto something that no longer exists, the deeper into the void we plunge. We are either lost as sea or floating in the ether.’


Consider hiring Linda to share her story of hope and encouragement. She will share with you how to overcome any obstacle in your life to add value, self-worth and a sense of inner peace. Through her knowledge and teachings Linda will help you to soulfully map out your direction and desires that may enlighten and add purpose to your journey.

Knowledge and Skills

I seek to understand the nature of humanity

I served in the US Air Force, as an international intelligence agent and cryptologist. I was fortunate to see inside the NSA, State Department, White House and other various government organizations. I worked in the corporate world in financial sales, marketing and customer service. For many years I had the pleasure (and most fun) of working with a NFL football team. My job was to serve and to create an atmosphere to keep 70K fans happy on game day.

I found my greatest joy and passion in learning about the mind, body and soul, when I discovered the ancient art of Astrology. There is no greater tool to appreciate the human psyche than to explore and understand the cosmos from the moment we each take our first breath.

"My journey is eclectic. Each step of the way has led me down a path to delve deeper into the psyche. I love to learn how the mind works and what inspires a person to make certain personal choices".

What is woven throughout my life and career is the desire to serve and to communicate. I feel that if we can be there for each other and communicate, regardless of our language, beliefs or energy, all of humanity may hopefully begin to accept that we all connect to one higher purpose.

1978-1984 US Air Force 

Cryptologist, Intelligence, Communications, Overseas & Domestic Assignments

2008 - Present 

  • Astrologer

  • Lecturer

  • Writer

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Serving the Disabled, Blind and Elderly 

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2015 Heaven & Earth Oasis Talk

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1984-2008 Corporate World

  • Financial Sales

  • Marketing/Customer Services

  • Addictions - Administrator, Marketing, Trainer

  • Technical Recruiter for DOD

2017 - Present

Content Contributor for:

  • Bustle.com

  • Romper.com

  • Elite Daily

  • Cosmos

  • Readers Digest

  • Astrology Hub

  • Recovery Today Magazine

  • Astrology News Service

Educational Studies

  • Engineering/Physics - Air Force/University of Maryland 

  • Dale Carnegie - Human Relations

  • International Academy of Astrology (2012)

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