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Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear, known to many as an American sweetheart, has fallen on hard times in recent years. The intention of this article is to provide a brief understanding into the dynamics of Heather’s energy, void of shame or judgement. Much of Heather’s addictive behavior may stem from co-dependency and a misconception of the meaning between love and relationship.

According to Astrodatabank[i], Heather Locklear was born on September 25, 1961 @ 5:40 pm in Los Angeles, California.

Heather Locklear Birth Chart

Each of us was birthed into reality to bring forth the energy that was expressive for that moment in time. It is believed that when we take our first breath the Soul incarnates, and that we physically manifest this unconscious Universal energy. The planets, in their systematical orbit, act as a timing mechanism to allow the unseen archetypal energies to be realized.

Whether this energy is believed to be random or chosen, each one of Us is here for a specific universal purpose based upon the synchronistic alignment of planetary movement.

When Heather was born the Sun had just entered the sign of Libra, marking the fall equinox, when the Sun begins its journey southward. The Sun’s motion to the Earth reversed its outward visibility, thus offering nature and mankind a time span for renewal and reflection. Those born under the sign of Libra are often driven to witness the self through the collaboration of another, hence the reason why they may be partnership oriented.

On the day and time that Heather was born the Sun was setting in the evening sky. This is quite significant for her in terms of relationships. Heather may feel a constant fear of loss with those she relates to as the Sun - considered our vitality and identity - sank into the underworld just as she was being birthed. This may have set up a metaphor in her life as she may desperately try to hold on people who no longer serve, or are able to serve, her needs.

In ancient times, when the sun descended below the horizon it was said to travel into the underworld which was associated with death, destruction and loss. It was a time of day when the concept of hell premeditated mankind.

The purpose of sunset, thus nighttime, is a time to let go of the day to awaken anew. As the light of day dims and unknown fears await us, we may find comfort in ritual practice or ceremony to help ground the body and spirit. In ancient times, mankind would offer praise and glory to the godlike images that appeared in the darkened skies. For Heather without a spiritual practice, belief and faith, she may feel as though life is a living hell, filled with simply darkness.

Heather was born shortly after a full moon, this further emphasizes a relationship theme in her life. As I wrote on my blog, in this phase of the Sun-Moon dance, “relatedness to another tends to be a constant theme with a strong desire to pull away from that which is deemed less than idyllic”. Through her unconscious actions, Heather may push away what she so desperately fears losing.

Much of Heather’s conflict with relationships may date back to the time of conception. It appears that control, anger and harshness was apparent between her parents before she was born. This is witnessed through the sharp angle of the Moon (mother) to the planet Saturn (father) in her chart. The mother may have second guessed wanting a child, in need of her own desire of independence, impulsivity, attention and control. Her father may have felt restricted or limited in this career aspirations without a clue on how to nurture or be responsible for a child. He may have spent much time away from the family. Heather may have pushed hard to be seen and to be loved by her parents whom she felt were not available to her in the way that she wanted them. To be seen and loved, she ‘acted’ out.

As Heather reached maturity she grew in desire for intense and dynamic relationships, both personally and professionally, as shown in the conjunction of her Sun’s ruler, Venus (the planet of love), to the planet Pluto (power, control). She may feel that many of her relationships are destined, yet are extremely possessive, intensely passionate, controlling, life-altering and transformative. This was witnessed through her relationship with Aaron Spelling and her multiple marriages/engagements.

With both Venus and Pluto in the sign of Virgo, and intercepted, along with the polarity sign of Pisces, Heather may be totally unaware of how her pedantic, critical and self-serving nature intoxicates and contaminates her surroundings. Heather may lack self-discrimination with an inability to separate self from another living soul. She may get lost in a world of fantasy and illusion, void of an awareness of physical reality.

Chiron, an asteroid associated with our deepest wounds and longing to be healed, is placed in the 12th house in the sign of Pisces. Chiron is retrograde in an exact opposition to her love planet, Venus. Again, the theme emerges that Heather’s greatest sorrow manifests from her perception of that to feel – to feel love – she must feel pain. The hurt penetrates deep within her soul.

Chiron in Pisces and/or the 12th house is often seen in various forms of addictive behavior. The pain of living in a physical body or reality runs so deep that a person may constantly seek avenues to escape or transcend the often-self-imposed chaos and limitations that imprison the soul. Unfortunately, unconscious actions and behaviors may lend toward the mayhem. With this placement of Chiron in the 12th house it is imperative the native shy away from any substance that will alter the mind.

The origin of Heather’s pain that is played out through the dynamics of her relationships may be imbedded in the thread of the Collective. Heather may feel engulfed by a despairing need to surrender her soul to another for the sake of being loved. She may express an inner tension and challenge that undermines her self-worth that is projected onto her relationships and those whom she loves. Heather may feel that she must take a back seat from her own needs to keep the peace and to wait for others to make a decision.

For Heather to release the self-defeating energy and to move beyond the intensity of her karmic and/or toxic battles, a metaphoric and spiritual death must occur for her to emerge anew. By integrating a sense of selflessness, empathy and compassion toward herself and others may allow despair, selfishness and manipulative rage to dissolve.

A practice of spiritual grounding may benefit Heather most if she is willful enough to let go of her limiting beliefs and trust that something beyond her physical reality will guide her toward peace and joy. A first step toward enlightenment is to rid her body any toxic chemical or drug (prescribed or otherwise). She must be able to feel her physical and emotional pain, void of any substance if she is to reenter the reality of being alive.

According to Furiate: “Many of us confuse relationship, or the desire for relationship, with love. Relationship is about ‘connection’ whereas love is an ‘apparent feeling or sense of well-being that permeates the soul’. Both are independent of each other”.

[i] Astro.com birth info for Heather Locklear

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