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59-Year-Old Former Air Force Intelligence Agent with NSA Shares her Secrets

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Turning 59 never looked so good…

Aging may not always be easy yet there are a few secrets to move through time gracefully. We often hear that genetics, lifestyle and diet play a key factor in maintaining a healthy body. So does expressing a mindset that will allow for resilience, setbacks and fated encounters.

In November 1995, I was on my way to Baltimore to participate in the preparations for the annual Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving holiday dinner. About a mile into my journey I was involved in a car crash. Although I walked away from the impact with a slight whiplash, within a few days of the accident my body began to spasm uncontrollably. The muscles in my neck were at war with each other, the spasms would cause my neck and upper body to twist, and to twist more. The movement was completely involuntary and deliberately forceful. The harder I tried to consciously control my movement, the more my body was pushed against its will. My head and neck were literally being yanked sideways and backwards.

Standing, sitting, driving, eating, dressing, self-care, working, speaking and even thinking straight became impossible tasks.

I lived like this for years.

I prayed every time I got in my car, to make it home safely. Lying on the floor, to keep my neck and body straight caused by all the muscles twisting, was the only way for me to eat and move solid food down my throat.

My life became very small. I rarely left my condo, friends faded away, jobs evaporated, and my family wasn’t around to witness my anguish (as most lived out of state).

All I had left on this planet, was time - time to think, time to reassess, time to weep the loss of my former self, time to ask questions and time to seek the answers.

What I mainly wanted was stillness - stillness from all the movement, peace of being and to become a better version of Me.

This is my story of how I manage to move through life physically twisted and how I have maintained a body I am thankful to live in.

If I receive 1000 ‘likes’ and/or ‘shares/views’ I will continue to share my story - until then it will remain a mystery. Do not let this image vanish without an awareness of how this Air Force veteran musters the strength, motivation and desire to march forward.

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