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What Does my Rising Sign Mean?

The rising sign, also referred to as the Ascendant, is the most eastern portion of the birth chart. Through millennia many religions have placed the direction of east as sacred where one is to bow in worship. In Buddhism, Confucianism and Feng Shui the east is associated with prosperity and goodness.

The zodiac sign rising over the horizon at the exact time of birth will determine the rising sign.

The ascendant is said to describe the life force within, one’s character, vitality, strength and will. It is associated with the impression and impact we thrust upon the external world as we move about our life.

The rising sign will often set the stage for how a person is seen or revealed to the world. The rising sign is associated with the ‘mask’ that we wear – how others see or view us. Whereas the Sun sign is more internally or innately driven, the rising sign is witnessed externally. When the sun sign and rising sign are in conflict, or to make a harsh aspect to each other, the perception of self is quite different than the way the outer world may witness our behavior.

Aries Rising – Determined, self-oriented, will fight to achieve your desires

Taurus – security or financially oriented. Steadfast in nature. Seeks pleasures that will offer personal value.

Gemini – Willingness to share ideas and bring forth a sense of community through the spoken word, movement or the familiar.

Cancer – strong need for comfort and to nurture their surroundings. Will often hold onto their emotions that become expressed or repressed within the body.

Leo – outgoing, fun, gregarious. Has a strong desire to seek the limelight so long as there is an audience. Without a spotlight to shine, Leo rising may often feel rejected.

Virgo – habit driven with a need to be productive. May analyze or evaluate every situation before determining the perfect solution.

Libra – personable and charming with lovely social graces. Libra aims to please through the art of communication, fairness, and diplomacy. The key is to include self as part of defining the needs within a relationship.

Scorpio – secretive, protective, controlling toward self and others. Personal passions run deep. Being able to disappear into a deeper level of consciousness is the remedy needed to positively transform the depth of any situation.

Sagittarius – has the physique and inspiration to metaphorically climb any mountain. Adventurous by nature every experience, and there are numerous, serves as an opportunity to expand the personal mind and enhance the well-being of those who surround them.

Capricorn – quiet and reserved with a great need to be responsible for self and others. Practical by nature, Capricorn will have the stamina and strength to weather any situation.

Aquarius – friendly and open to new ideas, Aquarius is often unforgiving to the shortcomings of others. They may be contrary and full of contradiction.

Pisces long for the ideal world filled with goodness and joy. Unconditional love runs deep either to serve all of those in need or at the risk of sacrificing self.

This article was quoted by Julianna Mitchell @hercampus

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