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What Does My Moon Sign Mean?

In astrology the Moon is feminine in nature and represents our feelings and emotions. The Moon is associated with the mother and will often show how we perceive the nurturing given or expressed in childhood. The Moon acts as a protector and can be related to ‘gut’ feelings. The Moon represents habits, memories, and unconscious pattering.

Moon in the signs:

Aries Moons are independent, direct, and spontaneous. They prefer to take the lead and may often be inpatient with others. Aries moons are persuasive with a knack to guide others into getting what they want.

Taurus Moons are trustworthy, loyal, and affectionate. They have a grand desire for material comfort and may spent much time (and money) on pampering self and others. Taurus moons can be stubborn as a way to protect the comfort and safety of stability.

Gemini Moons are restless with a strong desire for movement. They are inquisitive, talkative, and swift to change their thoughts and behavior. They are quick to let you know how they feel, only to change when something new garners their attention.

Cancer Moons are sensitive and receptive. This is the moon sign that feels deeply with an innate ability to hold onto emotional impressions. They long for the past and are prone to maintain strong family connections. They may be moody and easily hurt when surrounded by stronger personalities.

Leo Moon are natural performers and are easily able to step in when called upon. They are affectionate and outgoing with a strong desire to have fun and be playful. Leo Moons feels with their heart and must shield themselves from those who are unable to appreciate the kindness and love this Moon sign longs to share.

Virgo Moons love to figure things out for themselves. They analyze and approach every situation with logic and reason. They tend to be discriminative and are easily able to understand the reasoning and motives of another’s behavior, often preventing them from being misled.

Libra moons are social in nature and refined in behavior. They seek balance within their environment and may shy away from harsh personalities. Beauty and art may stir up fond memories of earlier times that bring peace and joy to their current well-being.

Scorpio Moons are intense with a strong desire to make an impact and impression upon the emotions of others. Often suspicious and quick to judge, this moon longs for the mysterious while probing the depths of every situation. Their intuition is their guiding force.

Sagittarius Moons long for adventure and to explore the reasoning behind the philosophical nature of others. This is a restless moon who must constantly be traveling about and learning how to succeed. Sag moons have very little time for sadness or regret.

Capricorn Moons are reserved. They thrive on challenges and are excellent at planning and plotting their future success. They are disciplined and determined to get what they want, while often avoiding their feelings in fear of appearing weak.

Aquarius moons love to be different and unique. They are highly intelligent and dismiss those who are unable to level up to their vast reserve of knowledge. With their independent nature, Aquarian moons are hard to get close too unless they are engaged in stimulating conversation.

Pisces moons are sensitive, compassionate, and creative in nature. Pisces moons are quick to help save others from themselves and are often disappointed when people are unable to live up to their vision of reality. Their image of an idyllic world runs deep.

This article was quoted by Julianna Mitchell @hercampus

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