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How To Relieve Stress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries may be able to relieve stress by playing hard and competing, either against self or others. Aries wants something fast and furious so competitive racquetball and tennis may be an excellent way to ease the body of excessive energy and stress.

Taurus lives to be pampered. A full body massage is a must for this hearty earth sign to release any negative vibe. If time is tight and the funds are low, a good glass or wine or a hunk of decadent dark chocolate will melt away the tension.

Gemini would benefit by putting the phone down for a bit and reconnecting with the here and now. Since Gemini must always be on the move, idle time may prove to add more stress. The key is to practice mindfulness by moving the body and quieting the mind – walking is an excellent form of stress release so long as its free from communication devices.

Cancer will more than likely want to crawl back in bed to relieve any stress, or at least close their doors to the outside world. A quiet walk on the beach collecting seashells may be the perfect scenario for this sea loving enthusiast to reconnect with their inner self.

Leo will want to get out to play and to do something fun to relieve stress. Planning a party or a quiet romantic evening will allow Leo to bring the focus back to self. When Leo can put the spotlight upon those they love or admire, it will often bring them a sense of peace and joy.

Virgo can relieve stress by keeping the body and mind occupied while engaging in a productive activity. Most Virgos may find that cleaning a closet or organizing their workspace can be rather cathartic and a simple way to cleanse the mind of unhealthy thoughts.

Libra is social in nature and is most at home when relating and engaging in conversation with others. A quiet and/or intimate one on one conversation with a dear friend or lover will bring Libra back into balance.

Scorpio, the best way for Scorpio to relieve stress it to completely disappear for a while. Spending time alone in solitude will help to regenerative this often private and sensitive soul. Scorpio needs time to reflect to gain the deeper perspective of their existence, this can only be accomplished in the silence of their own mind.

Sagittarius can relieve stress by ditching responsibility and to gather as many friends and family as possible for a fun-filled adventure. Hiking, jet-skying, and outdoor camping may create endless opportunities for this archer to add to the numerous stories that enrich their lives and inspire the masses. Being able to share a part of their journey may provide Sag with the grounding they need to ease their stress.

Capricorn will throw themselves into their work when stressed. Capricorn may find it soothing to organize their schedule, build a plan for their future and to tidy up any loose ends. Engaging in hard work with a disciplined mindset will allow Capricorn the platform to accomplish their desires and to forego their stress that may have resulted from lack of direction.

Aquarius may be most prone to stress when their central nervous system encounters too much outside stimulation. For Aquarius to refocus and to ground the body of a stressful situation they may want to dive headfirst into a series of video gaming adventures. Aquarius loves to strategize and to figure out the unknown to shut off the outside world.

Pisces, although they may thrive on chaos, they will often stress themselves out by taking on numerous tasks, only to realize that they are overwhelmed. The best way for a Pisces to relieve stress it to learn to say ‘no’ when called up. This may free up their time to complete what they may have started weeks, months or years ago.

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