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59-Year-Old Former Air Force Intelligence Agent with NSA Shares her Secrets – Secret #2

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Before the accident I did not feel as though I lived in my body. After the accident I desperately wanted out of my body. Although for some eerie reason by developing cervical dystonia was the beginning of my journey toward body awareness. By wanting out of my body was the first time I realized my soul incarnated into a physical reality.

This was the first time I could feel a connection to matter and to the earth. Before dystonia I simply moved through life unconsciously and without an awareness beyond my world.

How many of us move through life, taking each moment for granted? We may consume foods that delight the tongue, move about our days unconsciously or fill our vessel with toxic emotions.

I feel there is something quite amazing when we lose aspects of our former self.

The greatest gift I ever received in my life was to lose everything that created my identity and current reality up to that point in time.

There is no more of a humbling feeling then to stand in your own nakedness, gazing toward the Heavens, with no idea of who you are and what you have to offer humanity.

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