The Aquarian Future – What is Freedom?

By Linda Marie Furiate

I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s. When I think back there seemed to be a simplicity about life. You play, you learn, you respect your elders and as my generation reached an age of emancipation, we longed for our independence and autonomy from the bonds of our upbringing – soon thereafter realizing that being a grownup was kind of sucky. Although we longed for our freedom.

It was 1969, I recall hearing the song “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” blasting from the radio of a car driving by. I remember standing in my back yard which consisted of small patches of grass that abated an alley. About four or five houses away, a neighbor raised pigeons. I always found that to be peculiar as to why someone would want to cage an outside bird.

The house we lived in was a rented shack. The floors were rickety, the heat only filled half the house, yet the neighbors offered a comical warmth as I first learned of familial dysfunction. My father was a career Army guy who was shipped off to Korea during the war in Vietnam. He left behind my Mom and three young children. He picked this house because it was close to my uncle who could drive us places when needed. Otherwise, we found ourselves walking to school, to church and to the local food store. A year later, dad arrived safely back home, retired, and moved us into a beautiful home his father and some locals built while dad proudly served.

As I think back to the simplicity of life then, hearing the melody and lyrics from Let the Sunshine In - ‘when the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars…this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius’ - there is a realization that life is rarely simple or sustained from boundless freedom…there is always a sacrifice to pay.

In late 1970, Janis Joplin, psychedelic rocker and blues artist, released a new album, which included her version of the song “Me and Bobby McGee” originally written by Kris Kristofferson. A haunting, yet memorable line in the lyrics goes… “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”. To me, the song is about giving up everything you own for what you thought you loved, only for that love to fade into the ether, leaving you with the pain of your own soul and an emptiness that can never be filled. Interestingly, four days after Janis’ album was released, she died of a heroin overdose.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius first entered our psyche in the mid 1960’s. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll dominated our culture. Children, teenagers, and young adults began to defile authority to seek their own sense of independence and freedom – a freedom from the bonds from what they believed may have denied them their individual right to a life of their choosing.

Illness, addiction, war, abandonment, poverty, hunger, and the outrage of Mother nature has come to overshadow our planet, permeating the psyche, that has led humanity toward an enormity of emptiness, hopelessness, and a fear of what is yet to come.

As society has clung on to the metaphoric or literal 29th degree of Pisces (by precession), many lost souls have prevailed in an endless sea of trauma and chaos. We have been thrown into the depths of Oneness in search of Individuality.

The only way to find yourself in a crowded room is to ‘act out’. Although if everyone chooses to ‘act out’, how is Individuality individualized?

Through Autonomy – through the ability to self-govern and toward the striving of self-sufficiency.

On December 21, 2020 at 1:21 pm EST, Jupiter and Saturn will meet at 0 degree of Aquarius – we may or hope to (theoretically) welcome in the Age of Aquarius (that will last for 2,000+ years), as humanity will take a giant leap into the future with the anticipation of leaving behind the chaos and sorrows of our yesteryears.

In late 1995 I was involved in a head on car accident. Although I walked away from the scene, within weeks of that sudden impact, which caused a whiplash injury to my neck, my upper body, neck, and shoulders began to twist uncontrollably. I was not able to keep my head still nor hold it up.

The uncontrollable movement and spasms in my neck caused my body to move in such a way that I could no longer sit, lay down, walk, or drive. It was nearly impossible to eat as my neck was so twisted - I was unable to get food to pass from my mouth into my body.

Caring for myself became insufferable.

I lived like this for years. I became reclusive. Friends vanished, jobs ended, life became a void filled with pain and anguish living in a twisted body that never stopped moving.

I was given the diagnosis of cervical dystonia – a condition that has no cure.

Living with dystonia, I often feel as though I have experienced quarantine for the past 25 years where I wandered into dark matter seeking to find the narrative of my soul.

In losing everything in my life, I gained a sense of freedom. I was no longer responsible for a job or any type of relationship commitment. My time became my own. I had to become completely responsible for me, my health, and my well-being. With no family around, or friends and no job to go to every day, I became autonomous. The only way to survive was through self-sufficiency. I still needed to pay the rent, and other bills.

This takes me back to Janis and that one line ‘freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose’. I had my freedom and I had nothing.

I have always said that the Universe can take everything away from me, however it ‘can’t take my spirit’. It is those feelings and beliefs at the very core of my soul that are mine and they will always be mine. Suddenly ‘nothing’ became ‘everything’.

Over the years I have learned to manage my symptoms to regain a functional life, although the dystonia remains – it is simply a reminder that as I strive to be free (of dystonia) it is my will and my strength to live honorably and autonomously, that offers me ‘my everything’.

In astrology the archetype of Aquarius is a fixed, air sign which is associated with individuality, liberation, karmic trauma and memory, universal intelligence, the exploration of science, technologies, innovation, the infinite mind, the ability to reason and the evolution of humanity. Aquarius is a freeing of the soul from the binds of the previous sign of earthy Capricorn – which is all about boundaries, responsibilities, limitation and following a guided path. Aquarius is about choosing to seek like-mind souls and unique, limitless experiences to carry us forward. Whereas in watery and emotional Pisces (the sign after Aquarius) it is perceived that we are All One – where there is no individuation or separation.

When Jupiter and Saturn align about every 20 years, we embrace a new concept of what defines the whole of society. Everything begins to change, from fashion to financials and from governmental structures to political agendas. As we migrate toward the mid 2020’s, Neptune, and Pluto, as each will change signs (into Aries and Aquarius, respectively), this will catapult society even faster into the discoveries of the unknown and toward a deeper understanding of why we exist. The theme will become ‘dark matter matters’ as we begin to illuminate the threads that bind the Infinite Universe and its endless sea of galaxies.

In Pisces, the Universe (Our God) has been asking, or more appropriately stated, ‘forcing us’ to let go of that which has Us clinging to flowing water. For the past 2,000 years we have lived in a geocentric reality, earth bound, all the while looking up to the heavens for guidance, as we bewilderingly sacrifice the soul. To me, this sounds painful and it has been – hence, the current state of the world.

We have come to trust and sense that ‘God’ has our back as we have blindly and faithfully created our karma within the Collective. We have savored the words of the righteous few to lead us toward salvation that has left Us drifting in an endless sea of muddled imagination and mayhem.

The days of the proclaimed Guru, Prophet and Savior will wither and dissipate into shame, while the science that governs nature ensures equality based upon physics, versus personal longing or pure desire.

Freedom is earned through the deliverance of the soul to a higher source of Universal Intelligence. The further we can look beyond, or outside of ourselves, the more we may garner a profound, essential, inner awareness and joy.

We must lose it all to find our true essence and identity, both individually and Collectively.

As we move toward an Aquarian era throughout the next few decades, the perception of Ego and Self will dissolve. An awareness of ‘I am no better or worse than you’ may begin to filter into the Ethos as we align toward a more equitable perception of humanity. Wealth and personal value will no longer be just a measure of one’s bank account.

Those who rise above to guide humankind will be called to do so from a sense of Universal knowing, scientific intellect and a vision for the future of the planets - versus the emotional control, power, and manipulation of the earthly masses for personal gain (i.e., what is in it for me mindset). Karma (the result of our actions) derived from Intention will become instant. There will be no hiding from the truth of our reality.

This may sound daunting, although it does not have to be. As we learn to self-govern to become individually autonomous, we may each then be guided by our own inner light of universal truth to do our part to make the Earth (and ourselves) a more friendly, healthy, and inviting world to call home. The only way to preserve the goodness of humankind is through one mind at a time.

The intelligence of the universe is in constant creation of a world that lies in perfection. As we move into the future, human consciousness must synchronize with its own intelligent knowing, or forever be held in the chaotic past.

In nature, equality may only appear to last for a moment, yet our sense of freedom may reign forever. Freedom comes from within. Just as the transiting Moon attaches itself to the Sun each month losing its Light, that moment is temporary. It is often a time to go within and to feel our own emotion. As the Moon gently pulls away from the Sun to seek its own visibility, it grows in awareness to gain its own strength to become autonomous (and through time the cycle repeats). The key is, no matter the light of the Moon from an outer source, the Moon at its core is always the Moon.

As the visionaries of the future launch us forward and take us to other orbiting rocks within our solar system, and as the mind transcends its current state of consciousness, it is then, when we arrive back into the lap of Mother Earth, we will be welcomed with the feeling that home is where we always wanted to belong.

Linda Marie’s Predictions (over the next 10-20 years):

The Story and Myth of Jesus Christ as an earth-bound savior will know its truth. Say goodbye to Christmas forever (not just in 2020). All denominations of religious (and cultish) followings and beliefs will dissolve or implode. In combination with the 2020 pandemic, the ending of ‘the holidays’ may be the precedence that transmutes the concept of consumerism/capitalism. The energy of the intelligent sky will once again dominate humanity’s joyful gatherings and celebrations.

Those nations that are unable to care for its own may see more natural disasters.

Population will shrink dramatically as more and more souls are born non-binary. The creation of new life will become more consciously calculated, than unconsciously spontaneous as it has been to date.

People will discover their truth to embrace the joy and happiness of their individual being (astrology will be embraced by all).