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When we align with our inner being, our outer world will flow with ease

"Life's greatest joy is the hardship of unconditional love given to our childLinda Marie Furiate

The Childless Mother™ Blog

Mission Statement

The mission of The Childless Mother™ Blog is to unite mothers from around the globe who have a living child, yet no real sense of connection or relation to that child.


The Childless Mother™ Blog hopes to provide a warm and nurturing, sacred space to offer a mother the sense of joy and appreciation to know that they are not alone or lack the maternal and human qualities to lovingly guide a child birthed from their bodies.


It is the further mission of The Childless Mother™ Blog that the offspring of these childless mothers, step up to the realization of how their behavior, emotions and own karma plays an equally important role in severing or uniting the mother/child bond.


Vision Statement

The Vision of The Childless Mother™ Blog is to help heal the Souls of countless mothers who struggle to identify with their child and to aid in the understanding and meaning of unconditional love only a mother may know..


Who is Linda Marie  

Having had a son ripped from her arms at three days old, Linda Marie has spent the past nearly four decades (since 1985) longing to gain a sense of acceptance and love from the flesh of her own being.


Mother, veteran, alternative counselor, addictions coach, hopeful soul, motivator, and pillar of emotional fortitude.


As a military veteran who developed an incapacitating movement disorder, called cervical dystonia, which left Linda Marie's body in a twisted mess, her story is always filled hope and inspiration in that we can endure anything we allow ourselves to be challenged by.  Even Motherhood!  

The Childless Mother ™

The Ultimate Journey toward Unconditional Love

Thoughts that Inspire Our Own Well-Being
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